Vox the Vote: Feb 12-Mar 11, 2014
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The Executive Committee of the Association will consist of eleven officers: the president, the first vice president, the second vice president, the secretary-treasurer, and seven additional members. Candidates for all offices will be nominated by a Committee on Nominations appointed by the president; other candidates may be nominated by petition from the membership. Ballots in the election may be cast by mail or electronic transmission. Ballots will be sent electronically to each eligible voter, unless a voter has asked the secretary or the Office of Alumni Relations to send such voter a paper ballot by mail, in which case the secretary will send such voter a paper ballot by mail, and will send ballots electronically to all voters who do not request a paper ballot by mail.

In any Association Executive Committee election in which there is only one candidate nominated by the Executive Committee for each office and there are no petition candidates (an "Uncontested Executive Committee Election"), the Association will not conduct an alumni-wide vote. Instead, the Association Executive Committee shall declare the sole candidate the winner of the Uncontested Executive Committee Election after the deadline for petition candidates has passed. The Association Executive Committee shall determine when an Uncontested Executive Committee Election has occurred and shall report the result of the election to the alumni.