Vox the Vote: Feb 12-Mar 11, 2014
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Explanation of the proposed amendment:



At the suggestion of a number of alumni, the Association of Alumni Executive Committee is proposing amending the Association’s Constitution to eliminate the requirement of alumni-wide balloting if and only if there is an uncontested election. Alumni-wide balloting would still occur in trustee and Association Executive Committee elections where two or more candidates are running for a seat. The proposed amendment has no impact on the number of candidates nominated.

By way of background: Dartmouth alumni trustee elections are overseen by the Association of Alumni Executive Committee, pursuant to the terms of the Association of Alumni Constitution and Association Bylaws.* Dartmouth’s Association of Alumni Constitution provides for alumni-wide balloting in all alumni trustee elections. A number of alumni have questioned the sensibility of incurring the costs and effort of alumni-wide balloting in uncontested elections. The cost of an election is approximately $70,000. In addition, many alumni have complained about receiving communications encouraging them to vote in uncontested elections.

The proposed amendment would in no way affect the ability of alumni to run for trustee or Association Executive Committee seats by petition. The petition process will remain unchanged.

The Association Executive Committee is also proposing a change to the Constitution to clarify that the Executive Committee may send ballots to alumni via email (and not in hard copy), unless an alumnus/alumna has asked to receive paper copies of the ballot. In recent elections, 70 percent of alumni have voted electronically. This change is intended solely to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary paper use, while allowing alumni who wish to receive paper ballots to continue to do so.

Finally, the Association Executive Committee is proposing amending the Constitution to accurately reflect the name changes of Dartmouth’s medical and business schools.


*Alumni elect a nominee for each open alumni-nominated seat.  The nominated candidate is then elected to the Board of Trustees by the Board.